Turn Your Bad Relationship Around and Make It Better

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Published: 17th December 2010
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Nothing will drain your energy more than a bad relationship. An abusive lover will leave you feeling rejected, used and unloved. In some cases, this kind of relationship may result in physical abuse. This, coupled with emotional abuse can make it harder for you to love again. As such, you can accurately compare an abusive relationship to illness. To many, the first option is to make for the exit while you still can. This could be the best option, if only it was as easy as drinking water from a glass.

With every passing day, people in love grow a bond stronger. You spend time together, do things together and your life is defined by your partneré─˘s. You seem and feel in sync with your partneré─˘s dreams and aspirations. When this runs for a while, it can get extremely hard to pull out, even when a once sweet relationship turns sour.

A good relationship should be about give and take. Two independent people should be present to call any relationship healthy. When this fails, an abusive relation is deemed to crop up. You doné─˘t need a rocket science degree to know when yours is an abusive relationship. Take for instance; if yours is a give and take arrangement, then you are lined up for emotional abuse. Again, if all you think of is appeasing your partner, doing what they want including their hobbies and at times things you wouldné─˘t do, then you are deep into an abusive relationship. A healthy relationship thrives on the need to make both partners happy. When one partner manifests over dependence on the other, the relationship is bound to change from sweet to sour.

There is hope for you though. As no situation is permanent, you can alter the course of your relationship to the better. Start by talking to your partner about your relationship and your expectations. Know from them where your relationship stands. You should also be able to establish whether you matter all that to them. You should be aware of how your partner might react. Radical reaction might be encountered when dealing with a controlling partner. You should be reasonable enough if you encounter such resistance. A partner who values you as well as the relationship will welcome the idea of discussing things over with you.

Over dependence will poison any type of relationship; work relationship, personal or otherwise. You can keep your relationship healthy by doing more things on your own. When all you do is let your partner do everything in the relationship, you have all the blame to shoulder when the relationship turns sour. The partner who does everything in a relationship will at one time take full control which leads to abuse.

Money can easily turn a good relationship bad. It is not selfish to keep and use your money. So to begin with, it is utter stupidity to give your partner your ATMs and cards. If need be, hold a separate account with your partner. You can use the money together, without one partner controlling the other. When all fails, remember that you are not entitled to a single relationship; move on.

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